Freelancers and small companies alike must set aside room for work. The office is a sacred area where you sit to focus on select tasks in your daily workflow. Over the years I have seen some very inspiring offices and there are so many commonalities.

In the gallery below I’ve collected some of the most inspirational office workspaces I’ve seen. These mostly focus around studio-based offices where website startups and mobile apps often begin. Some personal favorites include the old MySpace and Digg offices, both in San Francisco and designed with a lofty feeling to the room. But you can tell from the countless examples here that a work space isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

Just remember to take time and really think about your own work space at home. Are you decorating it well enough? Could you use the space better with fewer items or by changing your work station to a corner desk instead of a simple rectangular one? What about accessories like your clock, speakers, computer monitor?

This gallery may not have all the answers but I hope these photos can offer a great starting point!

San Francisco Potrero Hill

Karibu Games

Event Brite Offices

Large Meeting Room – Eventbrite

Tsavo Media

Barcelona Offices

Meetup Offices in NYC

Zooppa, Wishpot, Pressplane

Amsterdam Offices

The Conference Room

Startup – Empty Desks Office

University of Southampton

Tea Building in London

Creative Office Spaces

Modern Office Layout

Piñata Offices

Eppendorf Offices

Westbury Partners

HOK Chicago Office

The Business-Casual Hangout

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