Flash is a household name when it comes to multimedia. Whether you’re creating interactive demos, browser games or cool web components, Flash is a solid foundation on which to base your work,

Flash Games plays a major role in browser based games over the internet and have always been one of the best pass-times for all internet users, For flash beginner , creating a flash game is a quite tough job and also interesting as well.
Here i’ve listed 20 best flash game tutorials that will help you in creating a simple but cool flash game of your own

1. )3D Slidin Puzzle

2. )Pool Game

3. )Pseudo 3D Pong Game

4. )Star Shooter

5. )Away3d Game

6. )Baloon Shooter

7. )Mini Golf

8. )Racing Game

9. )Random Wheel

10. )Guessnext

11. )Ball Game

12. )Chicken and Eggs Game

13. )Minesweeper

14. )“Nodes” Game

15. )Strange Way to Move

16. )Tower Defense Game

17. )Catapult Game

18. )Helicopter Games

19. )Base Defender

20. )PongOut Game

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