Adobe Photoshop is image processing software that very strong with all amenities. Currently Adobe has released Adobe Photoshop CS5 is more powerful. Adobe Photoshop CS5 changing digital imaging with a strong focus on photography, breakthrough capabilities for superior image selection, retouching images, painting realistic and different workflows in a maximal increase in employment. Results are precise when making complex choices, removing any element of the picture and makes the picture look more real

15 Steps To Maximise Your Adobe Photoshop CS5 Skills
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You can also upgrade your image with the help of CS5. Let us know some basic things related such as how we can effectively utilize Adobe Photoshop CS5.

I would like to share 15 steps to learn features of Adobe Photoshop CS5:

Step 1: Use it to create new media

Use the Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create new media such as video. The cropping features allow you great flexibility in terms of the way that you can use the program to change the general outlook of any given. The image is only as good as your editing when it comes to the Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Step 2: Marry the images that you have on board

If you want to truly test your capabilities on this program you will need to try and marry two different images. They might be similar but your task will be to use the program to reflect the characteristics of the old image onto the new one. The image below describes indicates the buttons that you will need to use in order to achieve this effect.

If you can pull off this trick then you will know that you are proficient in the usage of this program. As a case in point where the program can be used in a practical sense, Architects can use this program to change their drafts according to the wishes of the client. The scientists normally use it to do scenario analysts. As for the mechanical engineers this tool can enable them to create real life conceptions of complex structures.

Step 3: Use the personal computer for CS5

Do not be afraid to use the Adobe Photoshop CS5 on your personal computer to enhance your images. There might be that school photograph where the pimples were too prominent. You can get a cheap facelift with the Adobe Photoshop CS5. If you are a blogger on the internet the image then you post might have an influence on the way that people perceive the material that you have written. The image below indicates an image that has been prepared on a computer using Photoshop tools.

Step 4: Be sure to experiment with the program on the blogs and forums

You can use the program to experiment with the blog photograph. Alternatively you might use it to make humorous variations on some famous person that is just ripe for satire. The graphic artists use this program to make their presentations and to come up with seemingly impossible images at the click of a button. Below is an example of a great image that is used in a satirical context.

Even as you use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to alter images it is important that you do not create offensive images for the public consumption. If you are printing your blog entries with offensive Adobe Photoshop CS5 images then you might get banned from the search engine in question.

Step 5: Make use of the cropping facility

The cropping facility can be used to achieve perfection where there is imperfection. You can literally change the image to look exactly as you might like it to be. Take care of the image resolution because it is very hard to get it back. You should note the figures before you even begin the editing process. If you are cropping a section of a full image, it will be important to maintain control of the shading so that it does not make an awkward barrier between the selected part and the rest of the image. If you fail to do this then your work will not come out looking professional. Try to keep different versions of the same image so that you can track the movement from one state to the next. You might find that one of the states is better than the other. This will help with your selection.

Step 6: Use sketching and stretching facility

The painting and sketching is very useful for improving the appearance of images. There is a wide variety of artistic brushes and you must not shy away from using them. It is not possible to utilize the entire capability of the Adobe Photoshop CS5 in one day. Therefore you should break it down into constituent parts and start to use one section at a time. As time goes on you will soon realize that there is overlap between the different tools. It is said that people use as little as fifteen percent of the full capability of the program. That is something that you should avoid if you possibly can. Try to experiment with the colors and click on different buttons to see how they affect the image. You might even create a rough canvass where you can do the experiments without harming the original image.

Step 7: Use the print preview button

In order to save on ink it is better to use the print preview button when going for the Adobe Photoshop CS5 version. This will give you an idea of how the final product will look. If you keep printing different versions then you will soon run out of ink and paper. The computer is supposed to reduce the paper trail and therefore you should make an effort not to expand it as you work with the program. Below is an outline of the print preview program.

Step 8: Make sure that you are working with the smart objects button

The smart objects will make it easier for you to move around a complex set of images by simply selecting the ones that seem to need help. With the red eye reduction tool you can crop the image to fit within different frames or alternatively you might decide to use the healing brush in order to bring the image up to standards. Below is an image of the smart objects button in action.

Step 9: Address the compatibility issues

Compatibility has sometimes been an issue with the Photoshop suite but in this instance we have many file formats that can take Adobe Photoshop CS5. You will be able to use the TIFF and BMP model as well as the PSD programs. The images that are done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 can be used by OpenEXR and LPEG200. However JPEG is the preferred format as seen below:

Before you even start to use the program, it is important to ascertain the level of compatibility that you are using and whether the program will be able to communicate with the tools that you are working with. Those people in large organizations will find it difficult to control the Adobe Photoshop CS5 if it is not compatible. The IT systems in local government offices take ages to get with the program and make some moves towards improving their compatibility with a given program.

Step 10: Use the wet edges checker

This is a box that must be checked if you are going to get clarity with the image. It is based on the top toolbar. You can draw more than one line to see whether it works and then move it on. You should be looking for the picture below to come through so that the image looks like spray paint.

Step 11: Use the filter tool

The filter menu is supposed to help you style the image according to the product specification. You will need to go to that part of the console and then select the styling button. When you move the bars to the left or the right you tend to get the right thickness including the brightness of the object. You will need to check out the outlines to ensure that they fit in with the specification.

Step 12: Draw a Lasso

The Lasso can be used on any part of the picture and then returned to the layers palette. You just click on the layer palette to go back to the old setting. The stroke button must be clicked at the end of the window so that you can get a colored outline. You also need to select the color overlay to fill it with a solid.

Step 13: Check the Pen Tool

You will need to click on the Pen Tool and then follow it with a click on the shape layer icon. Both these items are found on the horizontal options bar. In the styles menu you will find the chiseled sky palettes for your selection.

Step 14: Dragging the image for effect

You can click on the image to drag it with the mouse for some amazing effect. On the first occasion you will see the control point but on the second turn you will get the curve line. Drag it until you receive the oval shape. You can then create the gradient effect from the menu button.


There are user groups that specifically talk about the Adobe Photoshop CS5 and the quirky bits that are within the latest versions. You should take the time to visit these forums and contribute. It will improve your skills and ensure that you are capable of using the program imaginatively. Those people that sit on their skills will not be able to benefit from the program.

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