Every blogger would love to have large numbers associated with their blogs, be it daily traffic, number of facebook fans, followers on twitter or even the number of subscribers to the blog. Let us discuss some techniques you can use as a blogger, to help increase your subscriber numbers.

1. Prominent RSS Icons – One of the most common mistakes is to not have prominent RSS markers on the blog. You need to display the email subscription information loud and clear, to encourage potential subscribers to sign on.

2. Have a Simple Subscription Procedure – Do NOT expect the Internet user of today to fill in page after page of information to sign on to your subscription

3. Update Your Content Regularly – This is what finally keeps your existing subscribers. Give them real meaningful and useful content. Spamming them with tons of unnecessary information is an easy way to lose your subscribers.

4. Commenting on OTHER Blogs – This is not a bad idea to drive traffic to your own postings. In fact why not even use the RSS feed link in place of the site URL?

5. Give the Users Incentives – This could be something as simple as a free eBook on the topic of your blog subject. Everyone loves a free gift, however small it may seem.

6. High Quality – At the end of the day, all your marketing efforts are meaningless if the quality of articles on your blog is not up to the mark. So do make a sincere effort to give your subscribers high quality content.

7. Display Your Current RSS Subscription Count – If you already have a good number of subscribers, why not display the number? This can only work in your favor and encourage even more users to sign up.

8. Use Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is another technique to popularize your blogs. When you submit content to other blogs, make sure it is the best of your work! The better the content, the more is the probability that a user will want more from your blog URL.

9. Blog Communities – Blogging communities can help your blog get more popular. Sign up on a few to evaluate the possibilities of different communities. It can do no harm, and you can expect at least a few users to sign up for your RSS.

10. Become a Part of forums – The more active you are on forums, the more can you display your expertise on your niche subjects. And once people trust your knowledge of subject, it is needless to say they would want more from this reliable source!

11. Use Tag Lines – DO use a tag line at the end of each posting, as a reminder to people that they can get more of what they just read by subscribing to your blog.

12. Contests – Why not offer a contest for which people need to initially sign up as your subscribers? The nature of contest would of course need to be in line with the nature of your blog.

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