How would it feel to make your work 10 times easier?

Well now it’s possible using the following efficient and clean-cut web design resources.


Ultimatum theme

The Ultimatum WordPress theme builder is one of the few tools to help you create your own themes, export them, and even create on demand templates for your customers. It helps you build a custom WordPress theme from scratch, providing you with easy-to-use tools so that it can be used especially if you have a limited HTML or CSS knowledge.

The template creator tool gives you total control over the settings and options. Also you can use the page builder to add custom options and elements such as tables. However, you can still choose the CSS editor which will make you set your desired styling by choosing a predefined one or by typing your custom CSS in live editor and seeing results on screen right away.

In addition, Ultimatum support a number of popular grid frameworks. Now you can whip up a variety of websites based on Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 2 and the 960 grid system, or even a slew of Bootswatches.


Browserling screenshot

Browserling is one of those tools that improves your work and productivity by 500% and I’m not kidding. Many of us who create websites for living have had the problem of making sure that the website we’re working on looks and feels exactly the same in different browsers. Browserling makes that possible – it lets you cross-browser test your site in multiple browsers on many operating systems. It’s an online web browser in your browser.

Launching a test browser is really simple. All you have to do is type the URL of your site, select the browser you wish to run and hit “Go”.

There is no Flash, Java, or plugins required because it’s powered by HTML5 and JavaScript. Browsing is made very safe and secure so there is no chance you’d accidentally get infected by a trojan or a virus. And finally your browsing is completely anonymous as all connections between you and Browserling are SSL encrypted.


Instapage com website

With the help of Instapage you’ll be able to create your own landing pages and in the end testing, publishing them, and tracking their performance. Within minutes you can build complex layouts with the simple drag and drop method without using a single line of code. That makes it a great tool for beginners.

Also you get many integration options.

One of the greatest parts is that it has a good responsive design so that you can create awesome landing pages both for desktop and mobile! You can customize the design so you get your landing pages to display exactly as you wish on both types of devices.

4. MVP Ready

MVP ready theme

Designed with modern development tools, MVP Ready was crafted to fit into your brand new or existing web development project. Built with Bootstrap 3, it also provides Bower Dependency Management, Less CSS Support, Grunt Ready, Font Awesome Icon Font and also jQuery.

For the last one, many plugins are available: jQuery Flot 0.8.3, Magnific Popup 0.9.9, Data Tables 1.10.8, Parsely.js 2.0.7, File Upload 3.1.3, Select2 4.0.0, Slim Scroll 1.3.6, Datepicker 1.3.1, Timepicker 0.2.6, iCheck 1.0.2, DownCount 1.0.0, VegasJS 1.3.5, Datatable Helper 0.1.0, Gap CSS 1.0.0. All of these are provided so you can work on your project easily and with pleasure.


Shrink the Web

Shrink the Web is the best way to capture website screenshots. You can also crop, shrink, or upload them with a single line of code that you have to paste in the bar situated on the homepage. They are a highly acclaimed service with good reviews and the best team support if you have any misunderstandings. They have a lot of special features as well and different accounts, free or paid, depending on what you need.



PowerMockup provides you elements and icons for PowerPoint in order to make your presentations more interactive. While their library is quite large, you can create your own shapes in order to build a custom library that you can share with other people. It also has a feature for instant search so you can easily find the right shapes for your presentation.

7. Themify Ultra

Themify ultra

Ultra is one of the best themes from Themify, providing you with a drag & drop editor for creating your WordPress site. It provides you with responsive layouts, a slider background, video background, parallax scrolling, custom styling, animation, and more.

8. MeridianThemes

MeridianThemes is fairly new to the WordPress theme shop scene, but don’t let that put you off.

In their 2 years, they’ve already created 10+ unique premium WordPress themes. All these themes are well coded, look great, and are easy to use for both WordPress beginners and experienced designers alike.



Besides the famous premium slider plugin “Slider Revolution”, Create also supports video backgrounds for home featured sections where you are asked to upload custom video file. Your video will keep playing on background while user is reading content on foreground, making it a great experience to surf your website.


DesignBombs is the greatest site if you need some help while building a website or even a personal blog. It provides a lot of guides & articles which are best for beginner & intermediate users.

They have another useful section for users, where you can find exclusive deals on WordPress hosting, themes, plugins, and more.


MH Themes

MH Themes is a very good site providing you with premium magazine WordPress themes, known for their high-quality, a fact demonstrated by the large number of downloads.

They are well-made for many modern online magazines, dynamic news websites, and professional blogs alike.

In conclusion, these tools will prove to be your savior when building new web projects, so I invite you all to try them and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Posted by Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a writer & digital designer/illustrator. He writes about all things web and creative. Check out his website for work samples and follow his latest updates on Twitter @jakerocheleau.

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