Many people get their word press blogs working in very slow manner. More problems are faced when you host it on a shared host. There may be slow database queries that are creating issues and in future, you may be suspended. This suspension may be due to exceeded CPU quota. This may bring much frustration on your side and well as on customer’s side. There are some tips that you should follow when you want to make your word press blogs work faster. A fast WordPress blog provide positive impacts to visitors. These days, people do not have much time to spent at any particular site hence they are relieved with those website that give them fast and reliable services.

10 Tips To Optimize WordPress and Make It Faster
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For all upcoming websites, it is necessary that you must have good content along with good loading speed in your website.

Before you start with any of the tips to make your word press blog runs fast, you must make a fresh back up of your database and word press theme files.

Few important plugins must be used

You achieve greater loading speed when you follow less plugins usage in your web. So, try to have all major plugins and one those you do not require must be deactivated and deleted. You need to be very careful with the specific plugins that you need to use in your website. Number of plugins must be kept below 10 or 12. You should also avoid using any plug in that requires good database storage space. When you are cleaning up some non-performing plugins then it is necessary to clean their code as well.

Instead of Widget try to use pure codes in sidebar

This is an easy one to implement. You should try to make use of pure codes rather than any widgets. You may search and carry on good research then find some of the examples that show recent posts, categories, tags etc. Mark it in your pure codes rather than any use of widgets.

Disabling all post revisions

Many of the post builds that you make they do nothing but just build up your database with higher records. You do not have to do much but just type in following thing to disable the post revisions.  There are some of the non-working codes that start making loop and increase your database storage space and in turn getting longer times in loading.

Define (‘Wp_Post_revisions ‘, false);

Locate the file named error_log and delete it

You can use your favorite file manager or favorite FTP client. This is a somewhat clean up method and you may have much chances that the files in GBs are running and this affects the server process much more.

Disable all hit tracking tools

You should disable all hit tracking tools like awstats, webaliser, etc. Most of the bloggers make use of Google analytics kind of client side tracking code.

File compression must be enabled

This is one of the main step towards getting faster and easy access towards making your word press blogs run very fast. You can easily compress the files with the help of cpanel and this is mostly denoted with option name ‘optimize website’. You need to compress the MIME file types ‘text/ html text/plain text/ JavaScript text/ css. Therefore, this conversion is necessary for the fast uploading of word press themes. You must be careful enough when you compress the files.  You can also use WP Minify Word press Plug-in for compression of images.

Static content must download faster

You need to check that your static content from your website is able to load faster. This can be done by setting the expiry period of them to a longer time gap. One specific file type, .htaccess files creation may help you to solve this issue and that must be made within the respective folders. There must be proper Expiresdefaultsettings.

Optimized use of images

You need to take care that there should not be any kind of unnecessary images. You must reduce number of images to below 10 or 12. You must also come up with images that suit the website content. Try to avoid over usage of images, as they tend to make your website look UNprofessional. Secondly, they take longer time in getting loaded. When you have sufficient images, there are easy accesses to web browsing facilities.

Number of advertisements must be lowered down

When you place advertisements in your website, you need to be careful enough. Try to have lower number of ads. When there are more ads, there tends to be higher java scripts and in turn, this increases DNS look-ups and HTTP requests. You can even look at Google Ad sense and even that is huge enough. These huge files surely affect your overall performance in website loading.

Remove all extra tables in word press database

Try to remove all extra tables that are there in word press database. This will help in lowering down the load of database. When there are fewer loads on database, you have faster word press blogs that are fast. You need to login to your host, go towards PHPmyadmin and open your blog database. There are some default word press database themes. These include wp_comments, wp_links, wp_options etc. When you find there are any other extra tables, you need to delete those as soon as possible. There may be some extra tables and they generally exist when you install and UN installs some plugins. When you try to remove them there are some extra tables that are created. Therefore, you need to constantly remove them.

There is one bonus tip and that is optimizing your files without over doing any kind of codes. Now, you may have identified why your word press themes are not working in fast manner. Hence, correct them and try to get your word press theme in working condition.


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