Before you break in to any kind of web site design projects, you need to think about developing with a Search Engine Optimisation or SEO friendly technique. SEO is one of the most important things when you start website designing. When you start designing the website you have to take special care that your website design much be SEO friendly. We will just have a look at some of the main SEO website designs that are SEO friendly.

10 Search Engine Optimisation Tips & Tricks for Web Designers
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When you have a good SEO friendly website then it increases your search engine ranking and in turn boosts your web business. So let us look at some of the features that are must in a SEO friendly website.

Good and Informative Content.

A website design that has good and informative web content is said to be one website that would be SEO friendly. You have good and informative content hen you write concise and to the point. Keywords must be included in heading. You must reach a regular keyword density as it helps in increasing your search rankings. Better, you have headlines with keywords, you get better search results.

Smart Internal Link Structure.

You must use all the internal links in user-friendly manner. This will surely help you to navigate easily from one page to another. When there is easy access to all links, then it has good amount of traffic generation and this helps in improving your site rankings. Hence, you get a SEO friendly web design.

Website with Sitemap.

When you design your website, you must include a sitemap. This helps in improving your website design and helps you come out with SEO friendly web design. Root of your site is the best place where you should place your sitemap.xml. Try to choose other things too, but try to make it simple.

Website Free From 404 Errors.

When you come up with your website, you need to track down every kind of errors that may be hampering it become SEO friendly. You need to track 404 errors with the help of Google track. Most of the time these 404 errors cause much issue. You must make sure that all links coming towards your site including internal links should be away from any 404 errors. You can come up with strategies as redirection of old pages, and avoid this problem.

Website with Statically Typed URLS.

These static typed URLs are having greater usability features. You may include keywords in your HTML tags. When you look at dynamic URL but that does not give you much charm and prettiness. You can get good frameworks that can help you build static URLs and this would be surely a SEO friendly website design.

Web 2.0, XHTML and CSS.

Web designers make use of web 2.0 and use XHTML and CSS that help them to follow strict compliance against guidelines from w3c. Now, with the help of Microsoft new application, you need not have to worry as you can just follow the content and did not worry much about designing. You can get quickly loading website with the help of Google. You must choose out standard pages as they load very quickly. With help of some of these main features, you can make user view what they expect and this will increase the traffic.

Spider Visible Content

When you use this form of visible content, you can see the difference in your website designing. You should try to make use of text rather than the graphics for navigation. You should try to use page content and page elements too in form of text. When you are creating, Dynamic sites then try not to use JavaScript with the blocks of text.

Try to use Flash that goes easy with your website.

Some of the flash methods that are used are not good for your website and that hampers your ranking too. Try to make use of easy to use flash techniques that helps in easy loading of your images and everything. Some of the flash elements are very handy while there are others that are very hard to maintain. When you get these hard to maintain flash elements, they cause difficulty to your website ranking too. Use those flash elements that can be easily searched with the help of all search engines.

Develop a Valid HTML Codes.

It helps you in increasing search engine rankings. This is due to decrease in website crawling and indexing issues. To get one of the most influential pages you should try to have HTML used in your website. But it is to be noted that some of other HTML elements may hinder the search engine rankings hence try to make use of HTML elements that should not cause issue with the indexing your websites. Some of these errors stop Googlebot in tracking and hence causes some issues.

Unique website content. Avoid Duplicated Content.

A good SEO friendly website is one that has unique and original content. So try to avoid using any kind of duplicated content in your website. This duplication might hamper your search engine rankings as search engines are intelligent enough to understand what audiences want. Try to avoid any duplicate pages or any content that is duplicated on different pages.

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