Olympus has announced the release of its all new DSLR – the E 5. Let’s take a look at why photographers are going to love this camera.

10 Reasons Why You Will Love Olympus E-5

Image Quality

The E5 promises the best image quality with its 12.3 MP sensor and the Truepic Image processor. It’s new ‘Fine Detail Processing’ system is something photographers are waiting to try out, with much anticipation.

Swiveling LCD

The LCD on this camera can swing a good 270 degrees! Never again will you have to get into awkward positions to compose your photographs. The 920,000 dots LCD also offers higher contrast than most models you may have used till date.

In Camera Filters

The Olympus E5 offers ten built in filters to choose from, including the all new dramatic tone filter. The dramatic tone filter can help give your photographs a surreal feel, if that is what you are looking for. Also for the first time, the user can use these artistic filters in all shooting modes.

HD Video

Video capabilities in a DSLR are now the talk of the industry, and Olympus is not left behind in the video race! The E5 offers HD video capabilities for the first time in an E-series model. It can shoot a crisp 720p HD at 30 frames per second, resulting in stunning imagery. And what’s more, you can easily capture stereo sound with the option to add external microphones!

Inbuilt Image Stabilization

The E5 has an image stabilization feature built within the camera body. This of course, means you are armed with this feature no matter what lens you may be using!


This camera’s magnesium alloy chassis promises to be ‘splash-proof’ and ‘dust-proof’! Using he E5, a photographer can boldly shoot in weather conditions he or she would otherwise shy away from, with a digital in hand. The shutter life span of 150000 exposures is in line with the standard requirements of any professional. This camera also boasts of a unique dust reduction system which minimizes dust spots with the all new Supersonic Wave Filter.

Multi Exposure

You have the option to combine 4 exposures into one frame. You could either do this in real time, or shoot 4 different frames and combine them into one later (in-camera). This feature provides limitless possibilities to the creative mind.

Wireless Flash Control

The E5 can remotely control certain Olympus flash units, even when using two different flashes at the same time. The FL-36R and the FL-50R flashes, favorites of the advanced users, can both be controlled from your camera menus remotely!

Digital Level Indicator

We loved this one! Why bother rotating your photographs on a computer when you can shoot accurately with the E5? The digital level indicator serves as a guide to the pitch and roll levels of the camera, and works both with the optical view finder as well as the live view on LCD. Any architects out there reading this?


The E5 promises the fastest AF system in the world! It can shoot up to 5 frames per second in the continuous shoot mode. It has shutter speeds going up to 1/8000 sec. Need we say more?

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