Sometimes when working with Illustrator tools is not sufficient when it comes to vector editing. Fortunately, Illustrator supports scripting from AppleScript, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and ExtendScript.

10 Must Have Free Adobe Illustrator Scripts

When activated, these scripts perform operations within Illustrator or may involve other programs such as word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. You can use some of Illustrator’s scripts, downloaded scripts, or create your own scripts if you are a developer by consulting the Adobe Illustrator Scripting Center.


Place the script in the Adobe Illustrator CS3 (CS4 or CS5)/Presets/Scripts folder.


The script will appear in the scripts submenu (just head to the top menu and go to File > Scripts to find your script).

Metaball (Arc), Metaball – Download

This script can create Metaball-like shapes.

Metaball (Arc) uses arcs to connect while Metaball uses suitable bezier curves.

Note that combining the shapes using script may result in several overlapping anchor points. If you want to get rid of it use another script called Merge Overlapped Anchors.

Metaball (Arc), Metaball

Calendar Pre-Maker – Download

With this script you can create a calendar in just a few clicks. Select the year, name the months and days and you are done.

There are however some languages integrated: UK, RU, DE, UA.

Calendar Premaker

Adjust Dashes (offset), Adjust Dashes – Download

In Fig. 1 you can see how the script makes anchors at all intersection points.

Also in Fig 2. you can see how this script adjusts the dashed lines in the selection in order that the center of the first dash can come at each anchor point.

Finally, Adjust Dashes can adjust the lengths of dashes and gaps of dashed lines in order that the length of the path can be divisible by total length of dashes and gaps.

Adjust Dashes (offset), Adjust Dashes

Tree-like – Download

Draws a tree-like shape at the center of the artboard.

The trees are made with various width of lines, so when you scale them activate the scale strokes option.


Close (All) Paths – Download

If you want to create a stock vector, or if you simply want to have your work done correctly, when saving a vector file, all the paths must be closed.

Close (All) Paths

Divide Text Frames – Download

This script is very simple. With this script you can divide multi-line text fields into separate text frame objects, making it easy to separate navigation items or to apply effects on each text frame.

Divide Text Frames

Join Text Frames – Download

“Sometimes when you convert a document from .pdf back into Illustrator all the converted text is broken in hundreds of text frames.

This script will rejoin broken text frames. ”

Join Text Frames

CMYK 2 Gradient – Download

“Simple Javascript that will help you convert a flat process filled object into its matching gradient.

Note the fact that the document must be in CMYK mode. ”

CMYK 2 Gradient

Resize By Luminance (a.k.a. Halftones) – Download

Resizes all selected objects to a percentage of the objects original size new size is based on the relative brightness of the objects fillColor.

This scirpt is ideal for creating halftones-like art in Illustrator and it is designed to be used with mosaics generated from embedded images.

Resize By Luminance (a.k.a. Halftones)

CMYK to Pantone v.2 – Download

“This script will give you the closest match of a PMS color from a selected CMYK color.

Works best when you have to make a print with 2 or 3 special pantone colors.”

CMYK to Pantone v.2

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