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An Open Book: Five Core Elements to Make Visible within Your Shopping Cart Application

by brantwilson
on March 21, 2014

in General

When you are running a business, the most important thing that you can focus on is the experience your customers have while purchasing your products and services. With smartphones and tablets becoming a more popular way for sales transactions to take place, it is important that your mobile website is just as easy to use and navigate as your traditional site. Your customers should view your mobile website as an open book, making it very easy for them to find out whatever they need to know before and even after a purchase has been made. If your website currently doesn’t meet this standard, there is no need to panic. You can achieve this goal by checking to make sure that five core elements are in place and easy to find within your site.

Call-to-Action Buttons

As is the case with any sales environment, traditional or online, you need to make it as easy as possible for customers to get from Point A to Point Z in a relatively short period of time. Spending too much time at any point in the shopping process can easily lead to a decrease of interest and an increase in the chances of abandonment. Making sure that your call-to-action buttons, such as “Add to Cart” and “Checkout,” are easy to find plays a much bigger role in achieving this goal than you might realize.

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How To Determine your Skillset as a Budding Creative Artist

by Jake Rocheleau
on March 18, 2014

in Tips

When first delving into the creative world there are so many unique areas of focus. The term “artist” can be applied to many avenues. Becoming an artist does not require picking any single avenue – rather you need to figure out what excites you the most and what type of work truly piques your curiosity.

art easel studio photography interior featured image

I want to cover a few different subsets of artistic work so that new designers can think about the different options. Traditional art is always available but there is a lot to enjoy about digital artwork. The biggest key is to always push your boundaries and try new things. Whether you like it or not, you can always learn something about your skillset and what type of work is most enjoyable.

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A Look into Adobe Creative Cloud Webapps, Tools, and Software

by Jake Rocheleau
on March 12, 2014

in Resources

Most creative professionals know about the powerful Adobe Creative Suite. Recent versions since CS6 have been slowly moved into the cloud with alternate desktop-based applications. This new system charges on a monthly/yearly basis instead of the typical one-time fee.

adobe building logo photograph creative cloud

This is definitely annoying for individuals but it can also be quite useful for larger studios. Especially businesses which have multiple teams needing access to cloud software from many different computers. In this post I hope to outline some of the newer programs and how you can get up-to-speed with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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