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27 Tutorials for Creating Realistic Textures & Objects in Photoshop

by Jake Rocheleau
on June 2, 2014

in Photoshop

Understanding texture design opens up a world of possibility for graphics designers. Textures provide the illusion of realistic items for a poster or cover artwork. But you can also implement textures for mobile app interfaces or website designs.

Adobe Photoshop is the premiere graphics editing software and offers the best tools for the job. If you’re unfamiliar with any methods of creating texture then these tutorials are for you. I’ve cataloged a total of 27 articles covering items and backgrounds that you can build with Photoshop and some general creativity. Once you practice these underlying concepts it will become easier for you to redesign textures in the future.

Stylish Coffee Cup

stylish coffee cup smart objects photoshop

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Win A Theme X 2.0 License And Create An Awesome Site Design With It

by iulian
on May 29, 2014

in WordPress

There has been much evolution in the word press themes. There are now simple themes which can solve only one problem and there are complicated ones too which can be used to design a multitude of sites.

When we’re talking about top notch themes, if someone wants to change one theme with another, it can be a challenging task since now there are many possibilities out there and you don’t know all the features of each one.

But still, not all themes are same and we have to mention this. Some themes come with better features than others, like focusing on style and functionality and ensuring that websites which are customized with those themes offer great user experience to the visitors.

The theme that has been center of my attention is called Theme X, an amazing theme that is highly customizable and can be the source to a lot of unique designs.

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30 Digital E-Books for Web Designers and Freelancers

by Jake Rocheleau
on May 28, 2014

in Freelance

Getting into the world of web design requires a keen intellect and lots of free time. I say this coming from experience after recognizing my slumps of creativity which directly affect my workflow. The more you can stay in tune with new skills and techniques, the more you can develop a passion for one specific area. Other designers are often willing to share techniques and tips related to dozens of topics from iconography to typography.

This rule applies even more so to freelancers who don’t always have new projects coming onto their desk from a studio. You need to keep your skills relevant and the following books are a great place to start. All of them are available for digital download while some also offer a print version. Take a look over these titles and see if anything catches your attention.

Hardboiled Web Design

hardboiled web design ebook smashing magazine

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