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44 Website Designs from Banking & Financial Companies

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 30, 2015

in Inspiration Web Design

Corporate business websites are often considered stuffy, outdated, and sometimes out-of-touch with clientel. Admittedly larger corporations can grow a bit too large and derail from their original intention. But when partnered with an amazing creative team corporations can quickly get back on track. This gallery focuses on websites for finance, banking, and other pecuniary institutions. […]

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30 Print & Digital Brand Book Style Designs

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 29, 2015

in Inspiration

Brand books are used both by companies and 3rd party teams to design alternate products from a particular brand. The process of designing a brand book is long and complicated so it helps to have examples nearby. This gallery includes 30 shots of both print and digital branding books from Dribbble designers. Some were made […]

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50 Beautiful Photos of Seasonal Autumn Landscapes

by Jake Rocheleau
on July 28, 2015

in Photography

With Halloween approaching fast the leaves begin to turn and that familiar cold nip returns in the air. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year contrasting the earlier seasons. I find that landscape photography captures the essence of a season from many angles. These crisp Autumn photos have been taken from sites all around […]

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