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Get Your Awesome Designs Coded With These Tools And Services

by iulian
on April 23, 2015

in Resources

The businesses listed below provide a valuable collection of services, which you will no doubt agree with if you have been faced with the challenge of converting a beautiful design idea into code that matches.

PSD to HTML&CSS conversion is best reserved for those who have coding in their blood, a description that does not fit many people. There is a plugin included in the listing however, if you are a DIY type.

Otherwise, browse through this listing of companies offering design conversion services. A few offer additional services, but the key items of interest here are PSD to HTML conversions, and PSD and website to Responsive conversions. Best of all, there is more to come!

PSD To Manythings

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33 Powerful Blue Startup Websites for Design Inspiration

by Jake Rocheleau
on April 15, 2015

in Inspiration Web Design

Modern startup design trends have come a long way since their initial inception in the early-to-mid 2000s. The field of web design itself has adopted a new paradigm with CSS3 properties, advanced JavaScript support, and loads of free open source code. It’s easier now than ever before to launch a captivating startup with free resources found online.

If you have an idea for a company or product then don’t wait around! Prototyping & wireframing should be the first step before launching a new site. The problem is that you may not even know where to begin regarding which page elements to include, what style of layout, or how to handle responsive design. Thus I’ve collected a series of powerful startup layouts for design inspiration. Base some of your ideas off these concepts and see what else you can come up with.


realtii animated blue startup website

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Best UX and UI Tools and Resources

by iulian
on March 12, 2015

in Tips


The UX and UI tools you are using may not be entirely suitable for you next web or app design project. Newer, more stronger tools are constantly appearing on the market that are designed to make your design efforts faster, easier, and more professional.

As you go down this list, you will find a number of useful tools focusing on rapid prototyping and project team collaboration, along with resources you would find advantageous when testing the usability of your design. There is more to come.


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