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15 Top WordPress Themes to Look Forward to This Year

by iulian
on January 21, 2015

in WordPress

If you’ve been creating WordPress websites in 2014, then you must know by now that some premium themes are better than others. Of course, utility is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, so I’m not going to preach about the themes I’ve found, and how heavenly they are in every situation. But I did my share of comparing and analyzing.

What I came up with is over a dozen themes that I intend to use for my client projects in the near future. If you’re curious what they are, scroll downwards.


X Theme


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33 Well-Designed Pro Sports Website Layouts

by Jake Rocheleau
on January 20, 2015

in Inspiration Web Design

The ever-growing market for sports content has only strengthened through support over the Internet. Online interactive communities like forums or fantasy football leagues provide a digital connection to the real world. Nevermind the ability to track game scores, player stats, and a whole lot of other statistical information.

In this gallery I’ve put together 33 inspiring sports-related websites. Each design caters to the website’s content ranging from professional athletes, sports teams, television networks, mobile apps, and obviously sporting events. If you’re currently on a project or just need some sporty inspiration then try drafting a few of these design trends into your own creative work.

Golf Channel

golf channel tv network website

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24 Professional Copywriter Portfolio Websites

by Jake Rocheleau
on January 8, 2015

in Inspiration Portfolios

It’s surprising how many people move into the field of copywriting. It’s a much-needed position to fill in advertising and marketing agencies. But copywriters also manage content in publications like magazines, TV guides, instruction manuals, and many other printed publications. It seems almost every company or idea rests on the wordsmithing abilities of talented copywriters.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to portfolio design. The layout style tends to morph depending on what you create and how you design. But overall it’s just a website meant to showcase a particular talent. I hope this gallery provides inspiring ideas to other writers who are currently in the process of building or redesigning their own personal website.

Ashley Milhollin

ashley milhollin copywriter personal website

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