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25 After Effects Tutorials for Animated UI and UX Design

by Jake Rocheleau
on September 15, 2014

in Tutorials

A popular trend in modern UX design is creating animated GIF images to demonstrate how an interface will behave with user interaction. The interface can relate to sliding menus, buttons, swipe-animated galleries, and a whole lot more. The best tool for creating these animations would be After Effects – a program by Adobe which offers a lot of powerful tools.

If you’ve never used After Effects before don’t sweat it! This software can be understood with just a bit of practice and repetition. I’ve cataloged a series of tutorials which display how you can build animated interfaces for websites and mobile apps. Some tutorials also cover graphic animation effects which explain how you can build custom FX and apply them to your own interfaces. If you’ve ever wanted to learn UI/UX animation these tutorials are the best place to get started on your journey.

Cell Phone Screen Replacement

cell phone screen replacement vimeo tutorial

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5 Tips for Selling Your Designs or Photographs Online

by Sara Duane-Gladden
on September 4, 2014

in Freelance

The internet offers designers and photographers of all types more and more ways to sell their works online. The web also puts designers in front of customers who might not otherwise have ever seen their artwork. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

If you’re trying to sell your works online, there’s more than one way to approach the process. Some photographers and designers sell the finished piece, which must then be shipped through the mail or parcel delivery service after purchase. Others sell a digital file, like a JPEG or PDF, in which case the buyer can receive the artwork or design via internet download and must pursue the means to print it themselves. Some designers sell artworks they create from their own ideas, while others offer to design custom works for paying customers.

Selling design files online is incredibly easy and cost effective. Whether you’re selling your works on a digital marketplace like Etsy or you have your own website where people buy your wares, much of the process can be automated. If you’re selling a pre-made design, you can set your sites up so that the buyer can download the file immediately after they have paid. If you’re selling custom designs, you can create questionnaire forms to gather information that helps to streamline the design process. It’s a great way for designers to make extra money and for customers to easily get artworks and custom print pieces to suit their needs.

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27 Free Credit Card Icon Sets for Online Web Shops

by Jake Rocheleau
on August 19, 2014

in Icons

eCommerce is a booming industry which is only growing larger by the year. Beyond physical products it has become easier than ever to sell digital items like e-books, music, videos, and even website graphics online. But any good eCommerce website also includes a set of its own graphics for a simpler user experience.

One of the most common sets of graphics would be payment icons. Credit cards are usually a big part of the online payment cycle, along with digital accounts such as PayPal. This gallery features 27 free icon sets including hundreds of various payment methods. When designing or redesigning an online webshop consider using some of these icons to spruce up the interface.

Dark Flat Cards

flat dark glyph icons credit cards

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