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11 Tools to Improve your Workflow

by Jake Rocheleau
on September 28, 2015

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How would it feel to make your work 10 times easier? Well now it’s possible using the following efficient and clean-cut web design resources. 1. The Ultimatum WordPress theme builder is one of the few tools to help you create your own themes, export them, and even create on demand templates for your customers. […]

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28 Graphic Design Podcast Homepages

by Jake Rocheleau
on August 4, 2015

in Inspiration

Those who love design are willing to follow in the footsteps of greats who came before. Podcasts are an excellent way to pick up information from these greats – but the podcasts themselves are only audio. As designers we care deeply about the packaging and its shiny little red bow. In the realm of web […]

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35 Best InDesign Tutorials for Beginning Print Design

by Jake Rocheleau
on August 3, 2015

in Resources

Anyone who understands even the basics of print has a greater comprehension of design over those who strictly work digital. Print is still an active medium and will always be useful for things like business cards, posters, and book covers. InDesign is unequivocally the best program to study for any print work ranging from style […]

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