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What’s the easiest way to pick up new trends in web design? Reading popular articles and blog posts is certainly the quickest method. But video tutorials are also very helpful for techniques which you need to replicate. These could focus on Photoshop/Illustrator techniques, or additionally offering resources for new web developers.

I have put together 29 outstanding YouTube video tutorials focused around website design. Some of the topics may be a little bland for more experienced designers. But go through the showcase and see if you can pick out any gems from the crowd. There are always new techniques you can learn and apply to your ongoing projects. And learning from video tutorials is not only easy, but also fun and pretty exciting too!

Photoshop Stitch Effect


Every professional web designer had to get started somewhere. The process of improving your graphic design skills comes at the burden of many months and years of hard work. But after enough time you’ll begin to realize your true potential and follow through with a path of amazing creativity!

For this reason alone I’ve scoured the web for 35 outstanding Photoshop tutorials for new upcoming web designers. All the tips & tricks are super easy to follow even if you’re brand new to the software. It will take some time and lots of patience, but if you can push through a couple of these tutorials I promise you’ll learn so many incredible techniques. If you know of any similar tutorials we’ve forgotten feel free to share them in the post discussion area below.

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