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A popular trend in modern UX design is creating animated GIF images to demonstrate how an interface will behave with user interaction. The interface can relate to sliding menus, buttons, swipe-animated galleries, and a whole lot more. The best tool for creating these animations would be After Effects – a program by Adobe which offers a lot of powerful tools.

If you’ve never used After Effects before don’t sweat it! This software can be understood with just a bit of practice and repetition. I’ve cataloged a series of tutorials which display how you can build animated interfaces for websites and mobile apps. Some tutorials also cover graphic animation effects which explain how you can build custom FX and apply them to your own interfaces. If you’ve ever wanted to learn UI/UX animation these tutorials are the best place to get started on your journey.

Cell Phone Screen Replacement

cell phone screen replacement vimeo tutorial


Not many developers have heard about the open source Aardvark Topsites script for PHP. It is a small user-submitted content engine for ranking websites based on pageviews, or clicks in/out of the site. It is a very simple installation process and easier to manage than you might assume. And while I can see that not everybody would have a need for building topsites, it is an extremely beneficial webapp for users.

In this article I want to introduce some basic concepts around building skins for Aardvark. The whole CMS is open source and free to edit to your own choosing. There are 2 default skins which are quite basic presented as a default choice. But using some typical HTML and CSS styles you can quickly turn any basic template into a full Topsites skin.

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There are a few methods for setting up a custom e-mail newsletter and not all of them are equal. You have the option of setting up custom scripts on your server, such as Interspire Email Marketer. But there is also the option of using web services like Campaign Monitor. For somebody who has never done email marketing it can feel a little overwhelming.

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But for this article I’d like to focus on MailChimp which has been gaining attention over the past few years. You can sign up for a free account and hold up to 2000 people in your mailing list. Their service is fantastic and you always have the ability to pay for more advanced features. But just getting started is difficult enough and I’d like to make that process a little easier.