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An attractively designed online store featuring popular products will draw in customers. There are however several things you need to take in to account, to keep your visitors from wandering away, and leaving half-filled shopping carts behind. Your website needs to be customer friendly, and here is how you can make that happen.   Creating…


There is a wealth of website design products and services in today’s market, and there are more than a few excellent sources of design elements you can add to your toolkit. Finding a product, a service, or a resource that will serve best can still require a certain amount of searching, whether you are looking…


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 Pre-made Layouts are a valuable asset

When you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme that best fits your needs, you are likely to discover that, in terms of the features they have to offer, the themes you are trying to choose among look pretty much the same. All are responsive, many are Retina ready, WPML ready, WooCommerce ready, and seemingly ready for everything. Every single one of them is at least to some extent cross-browser compatible, and most have drag and drop features designed to save time when building a website.

A drag and drop page builder is definitely a key feature, but the importance of having pre-made, easily customizable layouts at your fingertips should not be overlooked, and as far as pre-made layouts are concerned, more is definitely better. Many themes offer one, two, or a handful of these layouts, which may suffice for a theme that is heavily oriented toward a particular type of website, but a theme that provides you with over 100 high-quality, pre-made layouts opens the door to unlimited possibilities, and significantly increases your chances of getting your project off to a running start.



The UX and UI tools you are using may not be entirely suitable for you next web or app design project. Newer, more stronger tools are constantly appearing on the market that are designed to make your design efforts faster, easier, and more professional.

As you go down this list, you will find a number of useful tools focusing on rapid prototyping and project team collaboration, along with resources you would find advantageous when testing the usability of your design. There is more to come.



Web designers like to believe they work with the very best tools on the market. We tend to grow fond of our website building platforms or plugins over time, and use them all the time in our client projects. And that’s great, so long as they help us optimize our working routine. However, we should never close our eyes to other options. Not when they can help us build websites faster.

Get to know 15 of the best tools and platforms for website creation in 2015. If you can spot your favorite in the list below, you’re on the right track. If you can’t, then you can probably get more productive than you currently are. Think about it.



Isn’t it time to finally use platforms that address designers needs and help you design and build spectacular websites without having to worry about web hosting, the integrity of the code and all the other little ins-and-outs that distract us from the creative aspect of web design. Webydo is that platform.

With an advanced in-browser design studio that has similar functionality to your favorite design software, Webydo allows you to design amazing, pixel-perfect responsive websites. Their platform generates clean code to support your creative work and is packed with amazing management functions, like a built-in CMS, a project billing solution and advanced cloud hosting for your projects

Webydo is a really interesting platform and is great for web designers, whether you are a freelancer or a full design studio. See for yourself and give it a try.



Project managers are not the only people who can manage projects effectively. If you own a small web design and development business, then this area concerns you, too. The better you control your resources and organize your schedule over a project, the larger the odds of delivering top-notch products and services that please your stakeholders and outscore the competition.

There is every reason to give this matter some serious thought. You could take up a crash course in management, and/or use software that is suited for companies like yours. In this article, I will suggest 15 online services for project control that speak the language of creative professionals like you and me.




It’s a digital century through and through. Never before has mankind spent so much time interacting with each other indirectly, or digging up things that only exist in virtual form, and sometimes sharing them further. To be honest, the act of sharing some link or another on a social network has become another basic form…



As web designers and web developers, we spend our days wireframing and making prototypes for websites, web apps, and mobile apps. What are the tools you normally work with to deliver your projects on time? Are you curious about what else is out there? If you generally like to keep an eye on the rapidly evolving industry standards, then you have come to the right place. Read on, because here you will find an updated list containing the best creative resources for app building and prototyping.




  Graphic/web designers have an acute sense of novelty, so most of us like to stay on top of things by using innovative technology to improve our work, and by adhering to new standards in the market. In this article, you can read all about Webydo and websites with parallax scrolling.   Storytelling with Parallax…