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Oodles of Design Resources at 95% OFF!!

by Stuart
on July 13, 2015

in Fonts Resources

Its not often we find a website we genuinely cannot wait to tell you about. Well that is the case with (Plus we LOVE the name) I, (like many of you I am sure) am somewhat addicted to buying fonts and graphics online. This does tend to hurt my bank balance a little, especially when I […]

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Cleaner CSS3 Font Stacks for Web Developers

by Jake Rocheleau
on October 28, 2012

in CSS Fonts Resources

The CSS font-family property is nothing new and has been around for generations. Yet web designers don’t often think just how important the proper fonts can affect your overall website layout. Web-safe fonts have been the typical solution and only recently have we been offered some alternatives.

Mac OS X Font Book App website typography - featured image

This method comes from restrictions based on common operating systems. Mac OS X and Windows machines only have so many pre-installed fonts to choose from. But with CSS3 effects it’s possible to generate creative font stacks with multiple fallback options. In this article I’d like to examine a few trends for creating more appropriate CSS font stacks. Much of this information is common knowledge for advanced developers but it’s worth revisiting as more people are just getting interested in CSS3 design techniques.

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28 Free Slab Serif Fonts

by brantwilson
on January 31, 2012

in Fonts

Typography plays a huge role in any design. Here we have collected 28 free and high quality fonts for you to use. In this post you will find variety of slab sefif fonts. Enjoy!! If you like these free fonts you might also want to check out our previous post below. 28 Free High-Quality Fonts […]

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