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28 Powerful Open Source CSS Frameworks & Libraries

by Jake Rocheleau
on March 2, 2014

in CSS Resources

Web Developers who work smart are often building on top of pre-existing frameworks. Open source CSS libraries are not hard to find – including many of the newer CSS3 effects. When structuring an HTML page you’ll rely on CSS as the language of color, position, structure, and other components of the final layout.

This gallery includes 28 free open source frameworks you can try out when designing new projects. You’ll find a number of CSS grid systems along with extra goodies like CSS UI kits or transition libraries. It’s never been easier to learn how to build websites from scratch. Open source code is changing the way we structure projects and how much development time is required.

Responsive Grid System

css responsive grid system web design article

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Cleaner CSS3 Font Stacks for Web Developers

by Jake Rocheleau
on October 28, 2012

in CSS Fonts Resources

The CSS font-family property is nothing new and has been around for generations. Yet web designers don’t often think just how important the proper fonts can affect your overall website layout. Web-safe fonts have been the typical solution and only recently have we been offered some alternatives.

Mac OS X Font Book App website typography - featured image

This method comes from restrictions based on common operating systems. Mac OS X and Windows machines only have so many pre-installed fonts to choose from. But with CSS3 effects it’s possible to generate creative font stacks with multiple fallback options. In this article I’d like to examine a few trends for creating more appropriate CSS font stacks. Much of this information is common knowledge for advanced developers but it’s worth revisiting as more people are just getting interested in CSS3 design techniques.

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