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The internet offers designers and photographers of all types more and more ways to sell their works online. The web also puts designers in front of customers who might not otherwise have ever seen their artwork. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

If you’re trying to sell your works online, there’s more than one way to approach the process. Some photographers and designers sell the finished piece, which must then be shipped through the mail or parcel delivery service after purchase. Others sell a digital file, like a JPEG or PDF, in which case the buyer can receive the artwork or design via internet download and must pursue the means to print it themselves. Some designers sell artworks they create from their own ideas, while others offer to design custom works for paying customers.

Selling design files online is incredibly easy and cost effective. Whether you’re selling your works on a digital marketplace like Etsy or you have your own website where people buy your wares, much of the process can be automated. If you’re selling a pre-made design, you can set your sites up so that the buyer can download the file immediately after they have paid. If you’re selling custom designs, you can create questionnaire forms to gather information that helps to streamline the design process. It’s a great way for designers to make extra money and for customers to easily get artworks and custom print pieces to suit their needs.


Getting into the world of web design requires a keen intellect and lots of free time. I say this coming from experience after recognizing my slumps of creativity which directly affect my workflow. The more you can stay in tune with new skills and techniques, the more you can develop a passion for one specific area. Other designers are often willing to share techniques and tips related to dozens of topics from iconography to typography.

This rule applies even more so to freelancers who don’t always have new projects coming onto their desk from a studio. You need to keep your skills relevant and the following books are a great place to start. All of them are available for digital download while some also offer a print version. Take a look over these titles and see if anything catches your attention.

Hardboiled Web Design

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Breaking into the freelance world is never easy. First you need to pinpoint your skillset and build a solid portfolio. Then it’s a matter of networking and locating clients who would pay for your creative services. How does somebody new to freelancing jump into the waters and hope for any success? With plenty of research and proper planning!

Get yourself in the mindset of a freelancer and learn how others got their foot in the door. This post includes 30 outstanding tools, articles, and webapps to help any modern freelancer. Whether you’re brand new or somewhat experienced these freelancing resources may prove to be surprisingly useful.