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Not so long ago YouTube updated their design specs to some type of newer One Channel. This features a single piece of background artwork that centers itself on your desktop monitor, smartphone browser, and television set. YouTube channels are becoming much more customized to fit any type of media display. This means you want to size BG images to the exact dimensions of 2560x1440px fitted right around the center.

If you don’t want to spend time in Photoshop then I’d suggest downloading a copy of some free YouTube channel artwork. I’ve collected 40 great examples ranging over a few different categories. The process of designing your own artwork isn’t too complicated and you can learn the basics within Photoshop after just a few hours of practice. If you’re serious about managing a YouTube channel with great video content, then you will definitely want to include some type of recognizable channel artwork.


Every year the seasons change and winter is upon us yet again. Snow & ice are just some of the features we notice outside. Winter is tranquil, it brings in the new year and often brings people closer together. I love the seasonal changes along with artistic styles which perfectly depict the changing emotions.

In this post I’ve organized a set of 30 winter-themed brushes and patterns for Adobe Photoshop + Illustrator. Anyone who works in graphic design is likely familiar with this software. But many of these brushes can even work in freeware such as GIMP. If you’re in the creative spirit why not download a few brush packs and see what you can put together?

Frost Texture Brushes

simple photoshop ice frost textures