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28 Excellent Design Ideas in Product Packaging

by Jake Rocheleau

on March 22, 2012

in Packaging Design

Packaging concepts are difficult to imagine until you’ve put one together yourself. 3D modeling for designers may throw you off quite a bit. However these products can often be very inspiring for design professionals from all fields of study. Check out my gallery of product packages and let us know your thoughts below in the post discussion area.


Pavilion Garden

Retro Moto

Mathias Kaiser – Student Work

Dima Je

Bicycle Steampunk



Sewing Survival Kit

OMS Shoes



Izola Candles

Bricos Tools

Hand Picked Cloud

You Smell Like Lemons

Katelyn Peissig

Stiegl Haus Bier

Device Printshop

Premium Pringles Can

Ital Caffé


Tea Bar

Mieles del Desierto Honey

Donna Roggi – Student Work

Manic’s Merrymaking Must-Haves

BETA 5 Holiday Collection

Hello Winelovers!

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