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50 Best Sites To Get Design Inspiration

by brantwilson

on May 12, 2009

in Inspiration

Every designer needs inspiration once in a while Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds, Here I’ve composed a list inspiration most of the designers use,

This list contains galleries range from of Graphic Design, Web design, Interface Design, Stationary Design, Logo Design, Typography, Motion Graphics to Online Magazines. I hope you will enjoy these great sites, I’m sure if you are a looking for design inspiration these sites will never let you down. Share your favorite sources of inspiration in the comments.

This post is almost a continuation of the post. That i listed a couple of weeks back 50 sites that will help you to become a better designer

Sites to Check for Graphic Design Inspiration

1. Design Flavr

2. Muse

3. Cool Showcase

4. Computer Love

5. Digital Abstracts

6. Creative News

7.  Creative Temptest

8. Illy Pads

9. Graphic Exchange

10. Design you Trust

11. Start Drawing

12. The Inspiration Room

Sites to Check for Interface Design Inspiration

1. Pattern Tab

2. Mepho Box

3. Konigix

4. UI Pattern Factory

5. Elements of Design

Sites to Check for Web Design Inspiration

1. Web Creme

2. Best Web Gallery

3. CSS Mania

4. Design Snack

5. The FWA

6. CSS Remix

7. CSS Elite

8. Easy Share

9. Minimal Sites

10. Design Snips

Sites to Check for Stationery Design Inspiration

1. Stationery Style

2. Card Observer

3. It Even has Water  a Mark

Sites to Check for Packaging Design Inspiration

1. The Dieline

2. Lovely Packaging

Sites to Check for Logo Design Inspiration

1. Logo Pond

2. Logo Faves

3. Logo oF The Day

4. Logo From Dreams

5. Creatics

Sites to Check for Typography Design Inspiration

1. Typographia

2. We Love Typography

3. Typography Served

4. Typophile

5. Type Neu

Sites to Check for Motion Graphics Inspiration

1. Motion Grapher

2. MotionSpire

3. Xplsv

4. Motion Graphics Served

5. Nizm

Design Magazine

1. BAK Magazine

2. Artzmania

3. GizMag

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