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Logo Design Inspiration | 36 Clever and Creative logos

by brantwilson

on May 19, 2009

in Inspiration Logo

The better a logo greater the probability that your clients will remember you and get back to you. For that: designers have to be creative and have to work their ass off in designing beautiful, unique logos. And the results they come out with their hard work are stunning and spectacular.

Here take a look at 36 Clever and creative logos and be inspired, hope you like this collection

1. Food Writers

2. Pencil

3. Moo Sleep

4. ED’s Electric

5. Mouse Universe

6. Horror Films

7. Foot

8. Shelter

9. One Construction

10. Eight

11. E.C. Engineering

12. Message

13. Mavericks Trousers

14. Look

15. Negative Reality

16. Wine Searcher

17. Wine Kingdom

18. Twins

19. 5 Locks

20. Time Watch

21. City Direct

22. SYNC

23. Burnett Electrical

24. Diane Ingarten

25. Bird Love

26. Veriation Music

27. Shift Creative

28. Peter Ryan

29. CentarR

30. Eight

31. Logotype Against Nazism and Racism

32. Business Secret

33. FlipSide

34. Elefont

35. Web Ankor

36. Eighteen

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